klang s3 lichtgrau


Radio mit DAB+, Podcasts, Spotify und mehr

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The Loewe Smart Radios offer you an almost unlimited music variety. Whether radio programmes, music tracks from your mobile devices, audiobooks and podcasts. The choice is virtually inexhaustible. Loewe klang s with its excellent design is a stylish addition to your living room. The two smart streaming systems Loewe klang s3 and Loewe klang s1 provide you with internet radio, podcasts and DAB/DAB tuner for versatile listening pleasure with crystal clear sound and exceptional volume between 80 and a 120 Watts.

Up to 25,000 stations plus approx. 10,000 podcasts can be individually programmed and offer an inexhaustible selection of different radio programmes. Services such as Amazon Music, Deezer or Spotify can also be used.

Der zusätzliche CD-Player sorgt für noch mehr Musikgenuss.

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